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FOREWORD by Patricia Aburdene

PART ONE: The Quiet Revolution

Chapter 1: On Competition and Social Needs

  • If I Ran the Zoo
  • The Rusty Hinge of Social Needs
  • A Door to the Near Future
  • Unlocking Corporate Potential and Debate
  • The Newest Forms of Power, Part One
  • The Newest Forms of Power, Part Two
  • A Focus on the New Frontier

Chapter 2: The Panic and Resolve of Corporate Leaders

  • The Lasting Social Context
  • A Focus on Social Response and the "S" Frontier
  • The Origins of This Book
  • Why Begin the Search in 1972?
  • A Better World: Keeping Things in Perspective
  • Answering Public Expectations
  • The New Piece of Corporate Strategy
  • The Challenge to Business
  • In Conclusion
  • Postscript on Panic and Resolve in Leaders

Chapter 3: Social Response Capitalism

  • Defining Social Response Capitalism
  • Give Them What They Need, Not Just What They Want
  • The Stairwell in Good Corporate Mansions
  • Shaping Social Response Capitalism
  • Six Recurrent Benefits
  • The Fulcrum of Your Choice
  • Mounting Social Pressures
  • GE and Climate Change: Imagine It
  • When Innovations Occur as Twins
  • The Fierce Logic of Product Failure

PART TWO: Redefining Leadership

Chapter 4: Toyota and the Search for the Superior Car

  • The Roots of Success (and Failure)
  • Toyota's Social Grace and Force
  • The Competition
  • The Great Leap Forward

Chapter 5: Inside the Corporate Mansion

  • Knowledge Depth
  • Knowledge Floors
  • Knowledge Endurance
  • Knowledge Dependence

Chapter 6: Developing Leaders We Can Trust

  • Lesson One: We Are Captive in Our Leadership Options
  • Lesson Two: Let's Go Back to School on Social Leadership
  • Lesson Three: Leadership Is About Life in Society
  • Lesson Four: Leaders Have Articulate Power
  • Lesson Five: Lincoln as a Model Social Leader
  • Lesson Six: Leaders Find New Paths of Growth
  • Lesson Seven: Value Shifts Cascade Social Changes in Business
  • Lesson Eight: Capture a Sense of Elsewhere and Adventure
  • Lesson Nine: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
  • Lesson Ten: Cultures Pick Winners, Not Vice Versa
  • The Grand Finale of Cultural Restraint
  • In Summary: Leadership and This New Century

PART THREE: People Inc. — The Future of Capitalism

Chapter 7: HP and the Vast Universe of Consumer Delight

  • The Feel of HP Headquarters
  • A Shifting of the Guard at HP
  • The "S" Frontier at HP and Elsewhere
  • A History of Social Leadership and Innovation
  • HP's Competitive Challenges
  • Global Citizenship as a View of the Near Future
  • Listen Again
  • The Bottom of the Pyramid
  • Peril at the Bottom of the Pyramid
  • Taming a Global Supply Chain
  • Product Stewardship: A Social Path Forward
  • Corporate Leadership and World Culture

Chapter 8: Money Will Not Manage Itself

  • Break Down the "Buyer Beware" Syndrome
  • The Logic of a Global Equity Culture
  • The Logic of Ratings
  • The Problem of Sectoral Blindness in Conventional Stock Valuation Models
  • Inside the Corporate Mansion at Suncor
  • The Growing Appeal of Rating-Based Benchmarking

Chapter 9: Money Matters — The Social Force in Products

  • The Growing Appeal of Intangibles
  • Uncovering Hidden Value: The Vast Undersea Universe of Innovest Strategic Value Advisors
  • Social Values Continue to Invade the Temple of Money
  • Mainstreaming Risk Reduction: The Power and Influence of Standard & Poor's
  • Social Leadership and the "S" Frontier

AFTERWORD by George Dallas


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